Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome To Yuppieville

Towering 270 feet above the 55 freeway at MacArthur Boulevard, the two towers of Essex Skyline welcomes its new tenants. Originally envisioned as luxury condos (they will be when the housing market heats back up again), these apartments boast an average rent of $3,000 a month for the 349 units. They are located in the South Coast Metro area, which is the fancy shmancy name given to Santa Ana just north of South Coast Plaza.
I've never really even seen these two buildings from this side. I only see the freeway side as I zoom by. Also, the windows aren't really that blue in real life.
If you look past the buildings you'll see the 55 which is seriously the main freeway of my life.
I find it interesting that both buildings face the same way and don't face away from each other.
Behind the office buildings, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, and South Coast Plaza, you can just make out Catalina Island silhouetted in the distance.
This is the floor plan of one of the penthouse units. I'm surprised that they are only selling one and two bedroom condos since the imposing condo towers in Irvine have three bedroom units available.
By now I'm sure that all my friends dread passing these two towers since I have to go into detail about them every time. As a future yuppie (in the young urban professional way, not the snobby way), I would LOVE to live in a tower like this. One of these days I'll make it to the rental center and tour this place. Until then I'll be more than content with browsing the floor plans.

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