Saturday, April 17, 2010

In Close Proximity

Located in the constantly renovated Harbor View Homes (ironically, not a single house in the community has a view) community in Newport Beach, this home projects an urban farmhouse feeling and I quite enjoy it. The Harbor View Homes tract was originally full of tract homes on about 8,000 square foot lots, however, due to their family friendly location (an elementary school is in the middle of the development), many of the original homes have been either completely renovated or torn down and replaced by new 4,000+ square foot homes.
Be still my heart! I still cannot get over disappearing doors.
This kitchen is a winner! I love how the island is darker and anchors the lofty kitchen. I'm not sure how practical it is to have the refrigerators so far away from the prep space, but I do admire how they are separated by a coffee maker and the microwave, effectively breaking up what could have been a wall of stainless steel.
This has to be one of my top laundry rooms of all time. My favorite part of the composition is how the washer and dryer are actually built-in to the room. Also, I think the use of the black countertop was very daring and it creates a very sophisticated room.
The enormous loggia beckons you to live outside! It is centrally located in the back yard so anyone can easily enjoy the fireplace and the petit pool.
This home, located on a larger 10,775 square foot corner lot, recently sold for $3,950,000. While not gracefully placed on its lot (its neighbor is 5 feet on the other side of the fence), this home is graciously appointed. I am drawn to the many textures that cohesively blanket its white walls, but the fact that these walls are so close to a plethora other walls in the community is a major draw back to me. However, what lies in these walls is truly a special place.


  1. What a laundry, with transoms and deep trays. I'm presume that $3.9M homeowners don't have to visit the laundry room unless they want to. I like it more than the bathroom which is boring in comparison. $3.9M in Atlanta usually gets you a bigger lot. Thanks for the tour.

  2. They get a lot of house and landscaping onto a small lot!

    I would hate having a microwave so far from a counter. I often put the item I am microwaving on the counter, puncture some holes into the outer wrap, then pop it in...and when it comes out, drag it out onto the counter and let it cool.

    I love that laundry room too! I am a top loader person, though - have not transitioned to the front loaders.

  3. Oh Things That Inspire, you just nailed my microwave mambo as well! If only that door in the kitchen could be moved over and all the appliances could be shifted down, then it would be much more user friendly. And Terry, if I were going to lay down $3.9 million bucks you better believe that I'm getting a view AND at least half an acre!