Saturday, April 3, 2010

Corona del Mar

Located a block away from Ocean Boulevard in Corona del Mar is this stunning modern home. Sure "modern" has a definition that is constantly evolving, but I do like it in moderation. This home has the clean lines that I crave and still satisfies my need for warmth and a pleasing environment.
I love the stark juxtaposition this house has when compared to its shingle style neighbor.
This patio is sheer perfection! Its elevation enables more privacy from the street, the tiles laid on a diagonal enliven a square space, the fire pit is awesome, and you can never go wrong with drought tolerant plants!
My favorite room isn't even technically inside! The disappearing doors blur the lines between the outside and the kitchen and the hanging heaters make my day!
Vacationing on a Greek island? Nope, it's just my roof deck.
This home recently sold for $3,595,000 and was worth every penny. Corona del Mar (Spanish for Crown of the Ocean) is a beautiful little village that is bisected by PCH; its small town vibe is a rare treat and should be valued for what it is. All the streets are named after flowers and are alphabetical so it starts with Avocado and ends with Poppy (but there's a random street named Hazel after Poppy, for reasons unknown). If your in the area head over to Corona del Mar Plaza, they have a Sprinkles cupcake store! YUM.


  1. I love this area, and love this house - although I don't like that bathroom!

    It is so interesting how the architect took advantage of every square foot of the property with the combination of indoor and outdoors spaces.

    Sprinkles cupcakes? Sounds great. I will have to check that out next time I am in the area. Our favorite place to eat in the area is Bandera, which has not made it to Atlanta.

  2. Very nice, thanks. Not "in your face" modern, suggesting Mediterranean, Spaninsh Coloinal? Not in style so much but it reminds me of the Robert AM Stern house at Seaside which is absolutely modern, Greek revival, and other styles.