Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Philharmonic House of Design

This home was the 2009 Orange County Philharmonic House of Design. Touted as a home that " evokes the glamour and sophistication of the Wallace Neff period with an emphasis on timelessness and contemporary sensibility." Sure...
This view of the house is magnificent! I love the fountain and the pure white stucco of the house.
However, if we take a step forward we learn that the exterior is not all it seems to be. The unusually large stone carvings seem a tad Addison Mizner and the chunky balcony to the left throws the whole composition off balance. Also, the balcony above the door seems to harken Palm Beach as well, not the California stlye of the 1930's.
Once inside you'll see why I like this house. I love this extra tall ceiling and that there is wood throughout.
My favorite part of the dinning room is the use of substantial materials. The dark wood ceiling is perfect, as is the beautiful globe chandelier.
The kitchen is a pleasant foray into the modern world. I like its stark, angular look when compared with the rest of the house. The only thing that gets me is the oven placement... it's just a little awkward.
My favorite part of the family room are the hanging wall sconces and how they appear out of the drapes! Also the piece of furniture with the fun print is awesome!
I love the cool geometry of the master baths flooring!
These wall hangings are beyond words!
Ahhhhhhh, what a pool! It is a tad big but I enjoy how it weaves around the house.

This home was for sale but was recently withdrawn from the market. It lies behind the big gates of Shady Canyon, taunting me to try and see it in real life.


  1. This home is AMAZING, however am I having problems with my eyes? I don't know what type camera took these images but they are a bit 3-D, something. It may just be me, I am getting over a migraine today.
    Regardless, BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Some, probably all, of the pictures are HDR. It lets you see things better but it can get in my eyes. Some designs, even pictures are migraine triggers for me.

    Those cantilever sconces emerging from the curtains are interesting. I like the cathedral ceilinged bedroom. It's a retreat from the visual extravaganza.

    I don't think I could take that bathroom floor. It's like there are acres and acres of it.

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