Friday, April 2, 2010

A Craftsman Montage

14 custom home lots lie next to Laguna Beach's Montage Resort, which is on of the most gorgeous hotels I have ever seen! The craftsman theme of the resort MUST be carried out though each of the custom homes. Each of the homes can use ALL of the amenities the resort offers, including room service (my dream!).
Shingles AND white trim, oh boy!
BEAMS. DISAPPEARING DOORS. This room has the interplay of light and dark that I find oh so interesting.
I love the simple and honest cabinetry and I can respect the choice of countertops, after all, we don't need all kitchens to be a carbon copy of the greatest and latest one we just saw.
This is where the house gets a little wonky to me. I've never been a fan of having a TV in the bedroom and I can't understand why anyone would want one in the bathroom...
I love these substantial columns! This outdoor loggia gives ample outdoor space all year round, it's basically another living room and dining room. The one thing I wish that was incorporated into the ceiling were some heaters, so that standing space heaters wouldn't be needed.
This home recently sold for $17,700,000, which is quite a pretty penny. But heck, I'd take it too since its your own private residence that's PART of one of the best resort's in the county.


  1. Its wonderful, especially loving the loggia, I'd be out there 24/7.

  2. Smooth shiny wood beams are nice. I like the ceilings/ceiling heights. Seems cozy but with breathing room. Room service - please. Thanks.

  3. Do you remember what used to be on that piece of property before the Montage? I seem to recall it was a bunch of almost mobile home like structures.

    I didn't know that there were residences on the property. In fact, I haven't even been on the property - I need to go to dinner there so I can check it out.

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