Thursday, April 22, 2010

Light and Bright

Located in the Dover Shores neighborhood in Newport Beach, this house was made for indoor/outdoor living. The owners made sure to incorporate the yard into the overall scheme and the results are superb.
The entrance to this house is very unique. Two trees flank the front door, which is a very cool and mellow shade of blue. I rather like its laid back effect. Normally I'm drawn to more saturated hues like deep green, dark red, white, or even a good black door.
Though I have never lived in a house with a skylight, this picture makes me want one! Not only does it add light to the space it also adds architectural interest.
This kitchen has my FAVORITE refrigerator in the world. The Sub-Zero PRO 48 refrigerator is sheer perfection. The glass door would make it necessary for your fridge to always be tidy, but beauty has a price.
This is one of the most original fireplaces I have ever seen! I love the uniqueness that these shards of colored glass lend the fireplace. They enable you to always have something nice to look at when there isn't a roaring fire.
This pocket sized backyard has everything you could ever need for a pool party!The pool is not enormous but it does provide plenty of space while not overwhelming the backyard. I'm sure I would spend most of my days out in that cabana. My favorite part about this house is that the calm and collected color palate inside was continued outside and that creates a very cohesive lifestyle.


  1. Love the touches of turqoise. Great blog!

  2. I love the blue theme starting with a hint in the front door, right to the pool and the sky in the skylight. I could take more color too. I think the colors would come from the people and their clothes. This is a "white and 1" color scheme

    Definitely want skylights / clerestory windows if you can get them. Ever changing during the day. But at night you get the moon: you turn off the lights before bed and discover moon shining through with stunning, dramatic contrasts.