Monday, April 19, 2010

The Artsy Crowd

Located in North Tustin, this sprawling ranch house embodies that modern beatnik feeling. This house makes me feel like I should be drinking black coffee, playing the bongos, and snapping instead of clapping. There is a unique flow to this home - from any point in the great room you can peer into different areas of the house through strategically places nooks and crannies.
This is the passage way that leads to the master suite. Instead of tearing down the towering pine trees on the property, the owners worked around them in order to create a truly unique space.
These concrete counters are superb! I love how they are eco-friendly and how they provide a visual anchor in such a lively space.
I could just imagine myself utilizing this room to its fullest potential - watching television, reading a book, AND using my laptop all at the same time!
The master bedroom has walls of glass and a beautifully paneled ceiling.
From the exterior, you can see that the master addition was modeled after a Japanese teahouse.

This is an AWESOME house! Outdoor rooms radiate off the back of the house and call you to live outside all year long. Each of the interior and exterior colors seem bold, however, they flow very cohesively and heighten the artsy experience. Over all, even though this house isn't even my exact style, I would move in tomorrow. I love it just as it is.


  1. So unassuming from its exterior, and yet spacious and open in the inside. I would enjoy this home, it is stimulating somehow, makes me want to go create something.

  2. I would like to tour that one. The orange thing with the view-niche is cool but I have to force my eye to look elsewhere in the pictures. I'd like to see it in person. I like the low slung, rambling exterior.