Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scheurer Architects

The Newport Beach based architecture firm Scheurer Architects is a very talented firm. They are not strict historical purists but they have developed new syntheses that truly reflect the various architectural influences that make Orange County what it is today.
Who would have ever thought you could find a Pennsylvania Dutch farm house in the middle of Newport Beach? I love this home; its floor plan allows the whole house to be useful, not a single room could be deemed unnecessary (except the basement level). Bu could you imagine heating and cooling this behemoth? This home is currently on the market and a post about it can be found here.
This home, located in Shady Canyon, is based on Tuscan farmhouses. My favorite design aspect of this plan is how the plan is very strung out while retaining a compact plan. The entire house is only one room wide and I applaud the architects for that. Instead of building a box the architects built a home that light and air can easily commingle with all family activities. Also, check out the massive pool!
The exterior of this house is simple perfection! The gleaming white board and batten nicely compliments the natural shingles and provides a very homey appearance. Also, the wall of glass in the kitchen blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors.
I seem to have a small tower obsession. I feel that this home is very reminiscent of George Washington Smith's Andalusian farmhouses in Santa Barbara and Pasadena. I love the low slung appearance and how the home melds with the site (the garage court is located under the house since the site required this). While the facade is perfect I question the position of the master suite, is it really necessary to have it next to the kitchen?

Scheurer Architects is a brilliant firm and I cannot wait to see what they produce in the future!

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  1. I'd call it a Pennsylvania Dutch barn and it's irritable to me. For that size house for that kind of money, it better be irresistable.