Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mine! Mine! MINE!

Now we'll head west on the 55, get off on Jamboree, turn left on Ford Road, and you'll arrive at the guard gated community of One Ford Road in Newport Beach. Located in the only custom cul-de-sac is a $23,000,000 knock out. Who doesn't love a brand new house made to look like a Pennsylvania Dutch farmhouse thats been added on to over time?
Look! This is THE IDEAL.
This kitchen is the only part of the house that I can find fault in. It seems a tad busy and doesn't quite have the same level of sophistication the rest of the house exudes. Oh well, nothing a $100,000 cant fix.
$23,000,000 seems like a tad too much for a house that isn't even on a full acre and doesn't have a view of anything. Also what do you do with 12,000 square feet? However, the true mastermind of this home is the firm Scheurer Architects. Please sign me up for ANY house they design.

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  1. If this post is any kind of indication of what your blog is about, I am going to love it! Especially since I go to Orange County twice a year - Laguna Beach, to be exact.

    Wow, $23 million. A house like that, in Atlanta, would probably be $5 million. Of course, land is not as expensive as Orange County - so there are quite a few properties with this amount of land and more (in fact, a house like this would probably be on at least 1.5 acres, but probably more like 2 or 3).

    Great post! Thank you for the comment on my post. I loved the 'understated luxury' comment. And, there is a book on A. Hays Town - he is revered in the South. If you look at the current Veranda, local architect Peter Block cited Town as one of his greatest influences.