Monday, May 24, 2010

The Tower

While not exactly located in Orange County, I couldn't resist my myself! This magnificent home was originally designed by the famous Chicago architect David Adler as a coach house in 1928. This home's location in the exclusive town of Lake Forrest, Illinois, which is one of the fabled towns along Chicago's North Shore.
My favorite part of the composition is the melding between the medieval-esque tower and the smooth stucco of the main building. the faded blue shutters add just the right amount of color to this home and the creeping vines make this house seem to be a fixture of the land. PERFECT.
Sadly, the interiors could use a little sprucing up and under the right person this house could be a true showplace! I do like the rough brick wall in the kitchen and the original tower room with its intricate black tiles, many arched windows, and ornate frescoes speaks to me. This "handyman's delight" can be all yours for a mere $2,800,000. I true steal if you ask me since this home has such a hallowed architectural provenance and is mere steps from Lake Michigan.

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  1. I like the brick vs white too. There is a loft here in one of the towers of an old factory. Saw it on tour. From floor to ceiling: 70 feet. Some big structural beams up there. Tough to heat. Unforgettable.