Monday, May 10, 2010

San Juan Capistrano

Located in the Del Obispo neighborhood in historic San Juan Capistrano, this home breaks with traditional American landscaping and architectural covenants.
Decomposed granite is my favorite feature of the front yard! Not only is gravel more economical and less invasive than concrete or asphalt but it provides a very sophisticated entrance to any house. One acquaintance of Kate Middleton (Prince William's girlfriend) once pointed out that her parents country house has "a tarmac drive, for God's sake." Ouch. If I ever had a long driveway it would be covered in decomposed granite!
The small details are what make this kitchen! Notice the rounded countertop, the center island with not only a different counter top but different cabinets as well. I have never really been a fan the built-in, hiding refrigerator look, but here it works! I love how it seems to be an antique armoire!
The shape of this tub is perfect! However, I'm not sure the like the little extra stenciling that has been added...
The backyard is where it all comes together! The complete absence of sod (except for a narrow strip by the pool) is a breath of fresh air. The stone paths, gravel planters, plethora of fruit trees, and the detached garage make this home a truly unique home. The loggia comes complete with a fireplace! I don't think you could even drag me inside during the summer!


  1. The kitchen, bathroom and backyard are my favorite spots, but what I love most is the continuity throughout the home, it is all so spacious, warm and welcoming. Amazing photography and introduction.

  2. This home is fabulous. We just built a home and I used a lot of pea gravel for baths and garden in the back. I'm probably the only one in Little Rock who has ever done anything but complete sod. I take an inside out approach to design. They have to flow back and forth. They have done an amzing job with this property. thanks for sharing.