Thursday, May 27, 2010

La Suvera

Based on the design of the La Suvera Estate in Tuscany, this Shady Canyon home is truly a one of a kind home. This home was listed with Orange County's super agent John McMonigle yet I cannot find a record of this home ever selling. This home had an original price tag of $15,000,000 but was incrementally lowered to $9,995,000 before being removed from the market.
Let's just marvel at this homes perfect location, shall we? It's situated above the entire community and a wonderful infinity pool completes that view. I am one of the biggest view proponents out there but I think that once you own a view you get tired of it; it's like a trampoline or a pool, you get used to it and can only truly appreciate it when someone new walks through your front door and marvels at it.
The true stars of this home are the superiors materials and details!
Isn't this such a nice and substantial island? I love islands that seem to go on for days because they are perfect for prep work and all types of gatherings.
The HUGE great room is quite expansive. I am enamored with the wrought iron chandeliers but I feel the color palette has room for improvement.
All the small details are what make this very large home! The attention to how each and every little detail commingle throughout the house is what strikes a cord with me.

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  1. I was hanging in OK until I saw there was an upper AND and lower garage. I looked at a few pictures of the Tuscan La Suvera Estate and I can see why they wanted to emulate it. Heck, now I want to emulate it.