Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Finite Edge

We are now going to venture behind the gates of Shady Canyon once again and take a look at a very interesting pool. But, first we must take a look at the exquisite house.
The native centered landscapes in Shady Canyon are one of my favorite aspects of the community. They not only conserves water but also provides a very naturalistic beauty.
The entrance courtyard would be my outdoor reception room! The shutters, strings of lights, and mellow tiled floor is sheer perfection.
Intricate tile floors make another appearance in the kitchen and definitely liven up the space. I do enjoy the sturdy masonry walls and the curved ceiling but the cabinets and the counter tops seem to be the exact same color and give the space a very monotone appearance. It's just a tad beige.
And here is the pool you have been waiting for! Instead of doing the traditional infinity edge that melds with the view, these homeowners decided they wanted to view the infinite edge. Another thing that makes this pool exceptional is its raised nature. The pool now feels like a studier piece of the back yard instead of being just another blue pit.
This home was recently withdrawn from the market and I can see why the owners would NEVER want to leave. This home tempers its Provincial elegance with casual modern interiors and the whole effect is superb.


  1. I like the floor in the courtyard but it has more furniture than my house. The kitchen close-up doesn't look real to me.

    I like their pool a lot. Infinity edges are cool but they are spooky, as if you are about to go over a waterfall. I like the raised wall around the pool. It's more like a public fountain. You can sit on the edge with feet in or out of the water. No undignified moves necessary.

  2. Love your blog! Great pictures.