Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sea Crest

Located in the Sea Crest neighborhood of the guard gated community Crystal Cove (which really means 'I drive a Hummer and a black Mercedes with black rims, black leather, and tinted windows') this tract home provides a breath of fresh air as it sets itself apart from its neighbors.
The "Versailles" pattern travertine, or should I say travertine in general is very 2005. Whenever I see it I think of the Real Housewives of Orange County - a little dry and very tired looking. What about some beautiful terra cotta as seen here? It's the same old terra cotta but in provincial patterns!

Let us note the glass fronted refrigerator; I would prefer arranging the food inside to having a wall of stainless steel any day of the week.

There is ONE reason I remember this house and it is because of it's flooring. The stark white walls allow you to enjoy the unique stain and because this house is on the wrong side of the street to enjoy a full ocean view, the flooring provides a nice distraction and bring your eye to the rear canyon view.

Another reason this house is special is because of it's massive second story terrace! This house is a perfect example of how proper massing is important. This house is vary large as it is approximately 5,517 square feet, but from the street it seems much more manageable. The plan is long, low, and lean - perfect for taking advantage of the cool coastal breezes.


  1. I like the glass door fridge. Tired of stainless.

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  3. Hello!

    I didn't see any way to contact you directly so I thought the Comments section might work.

    Do you have the original brochure for SeaCrest by any chance? I would be happy to pay for a scan of the brochure if you did...

    Let me know!

    Your writing is good. Did I read somewhere here that you were 19-ish when you were writing some of these posts? I would be interested in talking with you about a writing/blogging project.

    Jesse Bee
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