Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Week in the Hamptons

Like it or not, the summer is finally drawing to a close. My summer school class is wrapping up and I've just ordered my new books for my fall semester.

Let's look back on the summer and smile, shall we? Rather than look at palm trees and the US Open of Surfing, I think we all need a dose of Hamptons magic.
Pool. Lake. Vines. Shingles. What more could you ask for?
While not quite like the entrance to Twelve Oaks, this gravel path twists and turns with nature, winding its way from the street to the motor court.
I've always been a major advocate of blurring the lines of indoor and outdoor living, but this veranda takes the cake! I've never seen creeping vines underneath a porch before but know I need to have this. Also, I don't know a single person who doesn't need a table that long! Just throw a sleeping bag out there and I'll be one seriously happy camper.
If I had to be limited to one word to describe this house it would be crisp.

Located in Bridgehampton, this home is effortlessly elegant. Refinement exudes from every single aspect of this house, from the wide plank, dark stained flooring to the beamed ceilings that enliven the white walls, and even the gravel drive give this home its special charm. And it all goes to show that it's the little details that matter.


  1. Cool house! Is it listed for sale?

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