Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The English Tradition

Maybe it is just the romantic inside me, but when I think of England, I think of lush green hillsides dotted by stone cottages and the occasional Palladian masterpiece. After doing some real estate searching I have come to the realization that architecture has progressed in the British Isles; some might say this is for the better, while to others this is a cause of much chagrin.
Obviously the 80's are alive and well in this kitchen. I think I can see Daryl Hannah hiding in the corner.

This property boasts a view "to London." I cannot seem to find a skyline in this picture but I must say it is a wonderful view. Perhaps the view is meant to draw our attention away from the garish interior that does not reflect the traditional English craftsmanship. Money untempered by time can only create one thing: homes like this.

It is a pity to lose an architectural heritage that formed out of the Pax Britannica; let us look upon some homes that have not fallen to the new fads.
Whether rambling or perfectly proportioned, the homes of England belong to the land. They are part of their landscape and meld with it as one. If only these ancient traditions could be carried on today.

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