Saturday, March 27, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

Alright, this blog stated out as a design/ blog of the things I like, however, this is now a blog about the Orange County real estate scene. First off I would like to share my biggest real estate pet peeve: when an agent lists the house BEFORE they have had pictures taken of the property. Can you talk about rude? Please don't tease me, just give me full on access. Also floor plans are always a plus!
To start off today I thought we might take a look at a prime piece of land in my neck of the woods, North Tustin. A prime 3.78 acre lot on Cowan Heights Drive is now pending sale for a cool $1,400,000. The seller is presenting the buyer a chance to build a new gated community with only 4 (thankfully!) houses behind the gates. The proposed name of the community is Bella Sonoma, a name which I find a little tired and out of character for the area, however what lies inside is truly spectacular (with a few tweaks)!

I like the lay of the land so far, but lets look at the two end properties for just a sec. They both have the same plan and this plan just happens to be recycled from the Tustin Ranch Estates. Specifically this is plan 2 of the Estates development.

Since this is North Tustin I would have like to see a little more originality, but this is just my opinion here. The two middle houses are of the most interest to me.

First, I would like to look at the second home (second from the left), it is to be designed in a Georgian Style, along the lines of Roland E. Coate's San Marino houses of the thirties. In a community known for sprawling ranch homes, a Georgian masterpiece would, in my mind, be a welcome addition.

The third house in the community (from the left) is a stunning craftsman home. I could move into that house is a heart beat. Even in the general layout it has a wonderful back yard. Personally I can't get enough of long and slim lap pools. I find them a breath of fresh air in a world of ugly rock pools.


  1. That's an interesting mix - a Craftsman, Georgian, and Mediterranean. I actually like to have a mix, as opposed to the acres of everything the same (which I have seen quite a bit in Orange County).

    Maybe a post on long slim lap pools would be good! Interesting you comment on that; in Atlanta, it seems like people are keeping their pools simple and rectangular these days. When interviewing a builder, I saw a new home he had done, and it had a rock pool - and it made me realize that this does not seem to be done much these days.

  2. Yes! Thank you for the great idea Things That Inspire! I'll start compiling data right away!