Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Updated California Style

Located near Newport Beach's Back Bay, this home creates an ideal environment within a cookie cutter neighborhood. 
Behind the tall, white walls is the very California friendly front yard. My favorite part of the whole composition is the use of decomposed granite as the main ground cover. While an emerald turf may be the picture most people hold as the ideal, the native and potted garden elements add plenty of style and finesse to the landscape. Decomposed granite also enables the foreground to be used as a bocce ball court, which is always a fun game!
While animal print may not be my favorite fabric, the heavy yet light beams and the rock surrounding the fireplace sets this room apart.
This kitchen is sleek and functional; the large window, open shelves, and unique pendant light add to the light and breezy casual chicness of this kitchen.

A splendid milieu of old and new reside both in and outside of this house. From the Monterrey inspired overhanging porch to the stainless appliances, this home has that ever elusive quality - a highly developed sense of taste.


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