Monday, June 7, 2010

In Plain Sight

About a month ago I was driving down the street and I saw that a For Sale sign was located in front of a house that has always intrigued me. This house has a garage that is precariously perched on the street but the house is only accessible through its long driveway.

Today I was just trawling through all my real estate websites and then I read it. That house i just described belongs to Mike Ness of the band Social Distortion. Ok, I'm not a big fan of theirs but to find out that a verifiable rock star lives in a house that I drove past basically everyday is mind boggling!
Built back in 1924, it's a shame that Mr. Ness was not able to retain any of the original details when he did this callous remodeling project. I assume that the pillar and beam running across the ceiling mark the original exterior wall and that the arches were originally part of a terrace.
The kitchen is the only part of the house to offer any architectural interest. I love that rounded ceiling, but my praises unfortunately end there.
This home must originally have been an outdoor lovers paradise. The evidence of the two story wrap around porch is clearly visible and thinly masked by the walls of picture windows. Oh, the lifestyles of the rich and the famous... This "custom vintage home" can be all yours for $2.1 million. I hope it isn't sad to say that I view this house as a fixer-upper, after all it needs to be restored to its original 1920's grandeur.

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  1. That's what I love about houses - they reveal, but also conceal. You never know what is going on behind closed doors - who lives there, what their lives are like.

    I completely related to your feeling of excitement when coming across a real estate listing of a house that you have always admired! Those are the best kind of listings.